Pro Plaster grappled with the intricacies of managing customer data effectively and syncing information between their Dynamics Navision Onsite system and Shopify platform. Manual processes, inconsistencies in subscription statuses, and inventory management complexities posed significant hurdles.



Kongo orchestrated seamless integrations among Pro Plaster's Dynamics Navision Onsite, HubSpot, and Shopify platforms. This facilitated the smooth transfer of customer data, quotes, and invoices to HubSpot, empowering the sales team with efficient customer relationship management. Additionally, subscription statuses were seamlessly integrated back to Navision to uphold data accuracy. Integration between Shopify and Navision streamlined web order processing and product inventory management, ensuring operational fluidity.

Key Achievements:


The integration initiatives yielded remarkable achievements for Pro Plaster. Equipped with easy access to comprehensive customer data within HubSpot, their sales team bolstered efficiency and customer service standards. Aligning subscription statuses with Navision fostered data integrity and uniformity across systems.


Furthermore, the streamlined integration between Shopify and Navision optimised order fulfilment and inventory control, elevating customer satisfaction and operational efficacy.


The seamless integrations engineered by Kongo had a profound impact on Pro Plaster's operations. Enhanced data management, streamlined processes, and refined inventory control led to heightened productivity, reduced errors, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Under Kongo's guidance and with customised solutions, Pro Plaster successfully navigated operational complexities and optimised their systems. The seamless integration among Dynamics Navision Onsite, HubSpot, and Shopify empowered Pro Plaster to efficiently manage customer relationships, streamline operations, and continue delivering unparalleled service to their clientele across Australia.