Maximus International faced the task of enhancing their coaching programs while preserving their bespoke approach. Their pursuit of growth prompted the search for a comprehensive solution that spans CRM, sales, and marketing operations.



  • Kongo’s prowess was at play as they expertly rolled out the HubSpot CRM suite customised for Professional Services.
  • This encompassed refined sales pipeline management, compliance with revenue recognition needs, and the establishment of a sophisticated revenue reporting framework.

Key Achievements:


The partnership yielded noteworthy achievements. Kongo's solutions effectively tackled Maximus International's challenges.


A tailored HubSpot implementation seamlessly integrated CRM, sales, and marketing, while the bespoke revenue reporting framework enriched their decision-making capabilities.


The collaboration's impact resonated deeply. Maximus International experienced heightened operational efficiency and data-driven insights. Streamlined sales operations and reinvigorated marketing communications set the stage for growth.


The synchrony between Maximus International and Kongo underscores the potency of bespoke CRM solutions. By aligning Maximus International's tailored coaching finesse with Kongo’s expertise, a new chapter of leadership coaching excellence was unveiled. For insights on how Kongo can curate solutions for your distinct requirements, connect with us today.