Jim's Group faced challenges in efficiently managing and capturing leads for their franchisee recruitment. Their existing process was not optimised for lead allocation and lacked a streamlined system for handling franchisee application enquiries, leading to potential missed opportunities.



To address these challenges, Kongo implemented HubSpot, focusing on enhancing the franchisee recruitment experience. Key elements included the development of sophisticated lead capture tools for various digital assets, ensuring every potential franchisee's interest was accurately recorded and tracked. Kongo also designed a bespoke lead allocation process, categorising leads based on the nature of the application, which significantly improved the efficiency of the recruitment process. Additionally, a comprehensive management system for franchisee application enquiries was established, ensuring a smooth and responsive communication channel between Jim's Group and prospective franchisees.

Key Achievements:


Development of advanced lead capture tools and successful implementation of HubSpot for franchisee recruitment


Custom lead allocation processes based on application types and efficient management of franchisee application enquiries


These strategic implementations streamlined Jim's Group's recruitment process, resulting in more efficient lead management and an enhanced experience for potential franchisees. The custom solutions provided a more organised and effective recruitment funnel, significantly aiding in the growth and expansion of the franchise network.


Kongo's expertise in utilising HubSpot tools simplified Jim's Group's franchisee recruitment process, allowing for efficient management of a high-volume enquiry load and detailed reporting.