Vald Performance faced a pivotal challenge in refining their decision-making processes. They sought an all-encompassing solution that spans CRM, sales, and marketing operations to elevate their mission.



  • Kongo expertly integrated the HubSpot CRM, revolutionising Vald Performance's sales pipeline management.
  • A key milestone was the creation of an intricate sales reporting framework, catering to management, teams, and individual representatives, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Key Achievements:


The partnership yielded significant achievements, including an automated renewal process that streamlined essential functions. By eliminating administrative obstacles, Vald Performance's teams could focus on clients, embodying their mission.


The transition from manual lead allocation to a fully automated system further boosted efficiency and resource allocation.


The collaboration's impact was transformative. Equipped with streamlined operations and data-driven insights, Vald Performance was primed to fulfil their mission more effectively, marking a notable shift in their trajectory.


The Vald Performance-Kongo synergy underscores the potency of tailored CRM solutions. By harmonising Vald Performance's vision with Kongo's expertise, the partnership heralded a new era of informed decision-making, resonating across the health and performance spectrum.