Before this integration, AllFasteners faced a major challenge: the lack of effective sales follow-up processes. Relying on ERP systems for CRM tasks led to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. In response, AllFasteners sought Kongo's expertise for an effective solution.



  • Rising to the occasion, Kongo crafted a robust integration between MYOB EXO and HubSpot.
  • This strategic move enabled AllFasteners' go-to-market teams to operate exclusively from a CRM-focused approach, enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations.


Key Achievement:


This integration marked significant achievements for AllFasteners. The company saw widespread adoption of HubSpot, accompanied by the introduction of scalable sales processes. This marked a new era in AllFasteners' business management.


The transformation's impact is wide-ranging. AllFasteners now benefits from increased transparency in sales activities, improved sales planning, and a healthier sales pipeline. This clarity and efficiency empower the company to make strategic decisions and drive business growth.


AllFasteners' collaboration with Kongo and HubSpot exemplifies the benefits of integrating CRM and ERP functions. This strategic move not only streamlined AllFasteners' internal processes but also set the stage for sustained growth and competitive edge in the market.