Tailored Sync Logic for Your Business

With our HubSpot integration, you decide how your data should move. Opt for bi-directional or one-way sync, and set up complex object and property mappings with ease.

Unbeatable Security and Reliability

We employ the best encryption technologies to keep your data secure, coupled with a 99.9% uptime for unparalleled reliability.

Advanced Logic Layering

If your data needs are complex, our system can layer intricate logic to ensure your sync is not just accurate but also aligned with your operational strategies.

What Sets Kongo’s HubSpot Integration for Square Apart?

  • Custom sync logic for bespoke solutions
  • Strong security protocols to protect your data
  • Exceptional reliability you can depend on
  • Advanced logic layering capabilities
  • Always-on customer support

Transform your Square use today. Opt for Kongo's HubSpot integration.

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