DAYWALK faced challenges in managing their sales pipeline efficiently, particularly with their existing NetSuite CRM. They struggled with cumbersome processes, lack of integration between systems, and outdated reporting capabilities.



Kongo implemented HubSpot specifically tailored for DAYWALK's manufacturing needs. This involved seamless integration with their existing systems, including NetSuite CRM. Sales pipeline management was streamlined, enabling the synchronisation of opportunities between HubSpot and NetSuite. Quote changes in NetSuite were preserved in HubSpot for reference, ensuring a transparent and accurate sales process.

Key Achievements:


The integration of HubSpot and NetSuite facilitated smoother sales operations. Sales teams could initiate opportunities in HubSpot, with updates seamlessly syncing to NetSuite. Deal statuses were accurately reflected in HubSpot, tracking the transition from opportunities to quotes and sales orders in NetSuite.


Additionally, HubSpot reporting capabilities were leveraged to analyse quotes generated in NetSuite, providing valuable insights for decision-making.


The implementation of HubSpot revolutionised DAYWALK's sales processes, resulting in increased efficiency, transparency, and collaboration. With streamlined operations and improved reporting, DAYWALK was better equipped to drive sales growth and meet customer needs effectively.


Through Kongo's expertise and HubSpot's powerful capabilities, DAYWALK successfully overcame its challenges and transformed its sales operations. The seamless integration between HubSpot and NetSuite has empowered DAYWALK to optimise its processes, enhance sales effectiveness, and continue leading in delivering compliant transport and storage systems.