CDIA faced multiple challenges in digital engagement and client management. Their existing website was not optimised for user interaction and lacked efficient tools for event promotion and resource sharing. Additionally, their marketing strategies were unstructured, leading to underutilisation of potential outreach opportunities.



Kongo facilitated a seamless migration of CDIA's website to the HubSpot CMS Hub, introducing a custom community area to boost event promotion, resource availability, and an industry-specific job board. This move was complemented by the implementation of CDIA's first structured marketing program, including diverse campaigns tailored to their unique audience. Dedicated microsites were created for event marketing, enhancing visibility and participation. Core CRM features were also integrated for efficient sales tracking and pipeline management.

Key Achievements:


Successful website migration to HubSpot CMS Hub


Creation of a custom community area for enhanced user engagement and development of dedicated microsites for event marketing


These strategic implementations significantly improved CDIA's digital footprint, fostering better community engagement, streamlined marketing efforts, and efficient sales tracking, which collectively contributed to a stronger brand presence and increased business opportunities.


This project highlights Kongo's expertise in leveraging HubSpot tools to transform and elevate the digital strategy of healthcare sector clients, showcasing a significant leap in digital marketing, content publishing and distribution and CRM efficiency.