We help set businesses up with a Customer Relationship Management system designed to manage leads and accommodate growth, with everything you need to organise, track and nurture customers. CRMs are an essential tool for any business looking to scale up their sales,
especially if you’re dealing with a large amount of leads and an inbox that’s overflowing. A CRM allows your team to move away from time consuming spreadsheets and frees them up to focus on the task at hand; growing your customer base.

By working with you to set up a system and process for how leads are stored and tracked, we can create an efficient CRM that works for your business. This will help in countless ways, such as:
  • Managing your customer pipeline without the need to learn complicated or clunky tools.
    • We only work with user-friendly software, allowing your team to set up and track customers throughout the buying journey with minimal friction.
  • Automation features within a CRM allow long-winded tasks to be processed automatically, without requiring manual data entry.
    • For example, by syncing a CRM with your email, calendar or social media, all interactions with your customers can be tracked and stored in a timeline against a particular contact to give your team full visibility without any additional work.
  • Our CRM also offers integration possibilities, allowing you to link up with your marketing cloud and personalise your approach.
    • You’ll gain a fuller picture on how a customer engages with you content, learning what they have viewed across your website.
A well-designed CRM is an indispensable tool. It streamlines the way you manage sales, leading to well-informed and intelligent communication with your customers.
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