The types of sales activities suited to sales automation might surprise you. Kongo can help you work through the process of planning for sales automation, putting your business in the best position to sell efficiently and effectively.

Here’s how we do it.


How We use HubSpot to Automate Sales and Streamline Processes

Before we start automating, it’ll be important to take a deep dive into the day-to-day life of your sales team. The goal here is to understand how your team operates and what processes and tasks can be optimised and automated to increase efficiency.

Here are some examples of tasks we can automate:

  • Set property value. This automatically updates information about a deal when it moves into a certain stage of your pipeline
  • Create task and rotate deal to owner. This creates a task and automatically assigns it to a specific team member, reminding them to take action or to loop them into an ongoing task.
  • Create tickets, to allow a more seamless transition between your sales and services teams by transferring the relevant properties across
  • Send internal email notification. This automatically sends an email to specific users whenever a deal moves into a certain stage, allowing different team members to keep up with what’s going on.
  • Email follow-up automation. This automates follow-up emails to help you stay on top of prospecting.

Further to this, we can automate processes such as lead assignment to allocate new leads to sales reps, notifications about stalled leads so reps know where a deal may be losing momentum, and task assignments as deals pass certain points in your deal pipeline.

We turbocharge your sales team with sales acceleration tools such as email templates, email sequences, meeting scheduling, and snippets. Snippets are short, reusable text blocks that can be used on contact, company, and deal records, in email templates, and in chat conversations.

As part of the process, we’ll also make sure your sales team has access to important content assets like one-pagers and brochures. We’ll help create and store these so your team has all the relevant information within reach on a long-term basis.

Our long-term goals look something like this:

  • We want to provide an in-depth and valuable analysis of how your salespeople spend their day and what their jobs involve. We’ll introduce new sales tools and automation opportunities, and make sure your team is educated about these so they can maximise the potential.

  • We aim to automate core sales tasks, with the help of HubSpot workflows. This covers everything from lead assignment to follow-up emails and reporting

  • We want to make sure your team is well-positioned to own their content creation in HubSpot, handle automation setup, and successfully manage all the tasks required to convert at a higher velocity

Automation is becoming increasingly common across all industry types, and sales is just another business division where it can make a real difference. 

Automating important parts of your sales process can boost efficiency, allowing your sales team to turn their attention away from monotonous administration tasks to focus on closing more deals. 

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