HubSpot is evolving from an “all-in-one” suite into an “all-on-one” platform. This means it’s easier than ever to deeply integrate HubSpot with your CRM, e-commerce website, ERP software, POS system, quoting platform or any other tool critical to the successful operation of your business.

If you’ve been told your integration project is too complex, we’re glad you’ve finally found us. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses successfully integrate HubSpot with a wide range of applications.

why connect?

A custom HubSpot integration can help you;
  • Automate important business processes and improve productivity
  • Sync and share data between sales and marketing teams
  • Send products and sales data to HubSpot to help make smarter marketing decisions
  • Preserve data integrity between HubSpot and your suite of software applications
  • Deliver closed-loop-reporting
  • Personalise communications using automated marketing workflows
  • Integrate an optional HubSpot + SMS connector

staying connected

Our dedicated integration team is here to keep your custom HubSpot connector current, delivering great value and productivity to your business. When you subscribe to one of our connectors, here’s how we’ll support your integration:
  • Monitored integration health, 24/7
  • Support for updates to connector APIs
  • Dedicated support contact and ticketing system

connect with kongo

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